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Freedom of Information, Data Subject Access Requests and Subject Access Requests previously made

This FOI was obtained from a court in relation to Council Tax liability against an individual 

It shows that the court does not issue a liability order, it is generated by the Council and therefore, no agency can legally act upon it

SCTS FOI page 1
SCTS FOI page 2
SCTS FOI page 3
SCTS FOI page 4
SCTS FOI page 5

This FOI was obtained from the SCTS in relation to recording Webex Trials 

It shows that there is no requirement to record these sessions unless the judge deems it appropriate

This FOI was obtained from Police Scotland 

Police Scotland do not hold the credentials, and qualifications of newly appointed chief constable and assistant chief constable.

This FOI was obtained from NHS Fife and Police Scotland 

I relates to Stratheden hospital who refuse to install CCTV, citing that patients did not want it. It also includes Police Scotland's call out data and crime log. Straheden is the only psychiatric hospital in Scotland that does not have CCTV ?

This FOI was obtained from The Judicial Complaints Reviewer 

FOI about term of appointment and remuneration.

This FOI was obtained from The Scottish Government of Dame Elish Angiolini's redacted FOI of her golden hand shate term of appointment to undertake independent review of complaints handling, investigations and misconduct issues in relation to policing 

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