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Frequently Asked Questions

Police Scotland - social distancing

The above screenshot was taken before Police Scotland sneakily removed this information from it's website.

Do I have to wear a face covering against my will?

NO. A face mask is a "medical intervention" therefore requires your INFORMED CONSENT.


Common Law Card Back

However, to avoid unlawful harassment, it is best to order an NHS exemption card. No one can be denied an exemption because only YOU know if covering your air ways causes you anxiety, distress or difficulty breathing.

Can police issue a Fixed Penalty Notice if I have traveled more than 5km from home or to a region placed in a higher tier/level?

They could but this would be unlawful because no legislation exists to stop you from travelling where ever you like within the British Isles. Fixed Penalty Notices issued in connection with Coronavirus Regulations ought to be challenged in a Court of Law.

If the government or my employer states covid vaccinations are 'mandatory' do I have to take the injections against my will?

NO. 'Mandatory' still requires INFORMED CONSENT (see explanation video on the Be Informed page). You can also direct anyone coercing or discriminating against you to the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF BIOETHICS AND HUMAN RIGHTS Article 6 (referred to above).

Is it illegal to gather to protest or socialise during lockdown?

NO. The Police Angels put in a Freedom of Information Request to Iain Livingstone, the current Chief Constable of Police Scotland. SEE ANSWER BELOW.

FOI Iain Livingstone_Yellow.jpg

Do Police Scotland constables have to wear face coverings outdoors when dealing with the public?

On the contrary - their regulations do not permit them to obscure their faces when dealing with the public. Regulation 6.4.8 of Uniform and Appearance Standards (Police Officers) Standard Operating Procedure states: 

"Officers must ensure that their face is not obscured when engaging with members of the public unless undertaking duties, such as Public Order, when circumstances dictate the use of specialist clothing and equipment."

NOT BEING ABLE TO IDENTIFY POLICE CONSTABLES WHO ACT UNLAWFULLY (OR LAWFULLY) AGAINST US IS A SERIOUS VIOLATION OF OUR RIGHT TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS BEING SAID AND TO SEE THE IDENTITY OF WHO IS TAKING AWAY OUR LIBERTY. Also, it is now incredibly easy for deviants to impersonate police constables when faces are obscured and eyes can be hidden by these casual new baseball style caps.

Iain Livingstone's FOI response (above) confirms there is no exemption to Regulation 6.4.8 of the Uniform and Appearance Standards Operating Procedure AND HE KNOWS IT!


Every effort has been made to provide factual, concise material on this website. However, we can accept no liability for material be misconstrued, or legally binding. Each individual will have to use their own experience, and may be guided to take legal advice.  

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