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Overheads are an essential part of any organization, even in the non-profit sector. Various costs are necessary for smooth operations, hence below are a few examples of overheads for our organization:

  • Administrative Costs:

    • Rent for Office Space: Providing a physical space for co-ordination and administration.

    • Event-Related Charges: Expenses related to organizing events or programs.

    • Basic Utility Bills: Electricity, water, and other utilities.

    • Office and Administrative Supplies: Stationery, equipment, and other essentials.

    • Software Subscriptions: Tools for efficient management and web publishing.

  • Travel Costs: Necessary for outreach and co-ordination.

  • Insurance: Protection against risks.

  • ICO Regulation: Compliance with data protection regulations.

  • Fuel: Essential for transportation.

  • Mediation: Facilitating communication and resolution.

  • Individual Research Methods: Gathering insights for better service delivery.


Donations play a crucial role in sustaining our organization. If individuals can afford to contribute, it ensures the continuity of our vital work. To donate, please use the following details:


PSA Business Account:

Bank: Virgin Bank Account Number: 70522580

Sort Code: 82-61-37


Your donations are greatly appreciated and help us continue support and assist people of Scotland who have been failed by the authorities and/or the system.

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