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Weekly Corruption In Scotland

This is a section of our website where we will update on a weekly basis corruption happening throughout Scotland.

‘Mysterious’ case of arrested sheriff Alistair Duff

Sheriff Alister Duff was charged over 2 years ago and the charges have went in to the background His wife Susan Duff still sits as a sheriff in Dunfermline Sheriff Court The reader can interpret what form of selective accountability is in place for members of the judiciary here is the article.

Parallel Lines
Parallel Lines

Former ‘Social Worker’ avoids jail for cruelty to children in ’60s and ’70s

Former Social Worker now 76 Euphemia Ramsay avoided a jail sentence for the abuse she inflictied on children during the 1960's and 1970's. Ramsay was sentenced to 300 hours community service 12/09/2023 .

Former part-time Sheriff and advocate John Halley faces sex charges

John Halley, 59, was arrested on 15 February 2023 after a police search at an address in Caddonfoot, near Galashiels. He was called to the bar in 1997 and has worked in family law and sat as a part-time sheriff. he has been charged in connection with sexual offences.

Parallel Lines
John Halley.webp
Parallel Lines
Stewart Andrew.webp

Stalker Police Scotland inspector who harassed fellow officer given 12 month contact ban

Inspector Stewart Andrew, from Fife Division. has been slapped with a 12 month non-harassment order after he admitted stalking a fellow officer.

Stewart Andrew was also fined £1125 and ordered to pay a £75 victim surcharge to the woman, who he had previously been in a relationship with.

The 45-year-old will now be referred to the force’s Professional Standards Department

Midlothian Police Officer jailed for 14 months

PC Gavin Donaldson 45 from Midlothian was sentenced to 14 months earlier this year. The charges Gavin Donaldson was committed of was preventing the course of justice, this nature of the crime was involving a 14 year old girl he met on duty and entered a sexual relationship with. 30,000 messages with the teenage girl had been exchanged over a period of 4 years. Donaldson deleted message from various different messaging platforms to hide his crime. Donaldson could now be walking the streets again on a restriction of liberty order, our thoughts at Police Scotland Angels are with the young girl. Read more about the article here

Parallel Lines
Parallel Lines

Inspector Keith Warhurst who gave evidence at Police Scotland sexism tribunal charged with perjury

Keith Warhurst lied during a sexism tribunal Police Scotland confirmed that a 48 year old man had been charged in relation to perjury. Ms Malone, who retired as an officer in 2020 was awarded £947,909.07. You can read more about the case here

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