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About Us

With gratitude to Police Scotland for introducing people from different areas of Scotland together who share the same ethos, experience and observations. We want police constables to adhere to their oath and follow their own regulations and Code of Ethics for policing in Scotland. We also want constables who arrest people unlawfully or issue Fixed Penalty Notices unlawfully to be held accountable to the people of Scotland who they are in a position to serve. And that constables declare memberships of secret societies. No one should be above the law just because they wear a police uniform or hold a position of authority.

Police (Scotland) Angels, founded by Sandra Gallagher, is made up of your 'average' men and women living in Scotland - unlawfully arrested and incarcerated in cells for imaginary 'crimes' based on nothing more than guidance, rules and regulations WHICH ARE NOT LAW; or for merely offending someone by what they wrote or said.


We are concerned that Scotland is moving towards a fascist state if this trend continues everyone in society will suffer from sustained oppression including police constables and their family's no one will be able to escape the state oppression and our human rights will be violated on a daily basis  

You may say Police Scotland Angels was formed on 11 January 2021 when they made unlawful arrests outside Holyrood in Edinburgh, punishing people for gathering to exercise their right to protest as outlined in the Human Rights Act 1998 article 10 & 11.


On arrival at Holyrood, protesters were greeted by hundreds of masked police who had gathered in anticipation and who were determined to take away the liberty of participants and stop the march going ahead.

Sandra has a background in child development and studied Law. She has an HNC in Legal services and Diploma in Law from Napier University. She was involved with the family court system for 9 years representing herself at sheriff court and court of session.


Sandra is committed to human rights and civil liberties. She was arrested sitting alone outside the Scottish parliament on 11th January 2021. Sandra is involved in lived experience in community trauma and supports community individuals and groups. The nonsense case against her was dropped in March 2021 when she declined a fiscal fine and requested to proceed to court. To date nothing has been forthcoming from the COPFS (Crown Office Prosecution Fiscal Services).

Sandra came from a traumatic childhood was caught up in social work care systems and criminal justice system, as a teenager has a background in child development. Sandra has written her own biography about her life with brave honest and shocking accounts of the hardship and pain in life and how she overcame this in the face of adversity, Sandra give's service of lived experience to individual and community groups who have suffered trauma and chaotic lifestyle.

In the picture at the top of the page is when Sandra exposed fife council for breaching vulnerable children and families data you can read more about this from the article with the daily record at -


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