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Police (Scotland) Angels


P = Punishment

O = Ostricised

L = Lies

I = Injustice

C = Criminalise

E = Entrapment

A = Angels

N = Nurture

G = Grounding

E = Embracing

L = Loyal

S = Souls












The picture above is when Sandra exposed Fife Council for breaching vulnerable children and families' data you can read more about this from the article with the daily record at -



About Us

Police Scotland Angels was born in July 2021 when four women from different areas of Scotland came together and shared their experiences of how they had been failed by police and various authorities when trying to be a voice in the pandemic it is with gratitude to Police Scotland for introducing people from different areas of Scotland together who share the same ethos, experience, and observations of what change is needed. We want police constables to adhere to their oath and follow their own regulations and Code of Ethics for policing in Scotland.

Police (Scotland) Angels, gelled by Sandra Gallagher, is made up of your 'average' men and women living in Scotland – We provide assistance and guidance on various branches of police complaints, police wrongdoing, NHS failings, local council complaints, social work disputes, Education concerns, Sheriff officers roles The list is not exhaustive. We offer voluntary assistance in complex systems.

We are concerned that Scotland on the back of the pandemic has lost face-to-face interactions and is moving towards a place of isolation any help or support is to be offered in the way of online We can assist in person with form filling, and complaints procedure, mediation, subject access request, FOI, legal observers, appropriate adult. Offer assistance and guidance in your legal rights and guide you to appropriate agencies or legal advice that may be best suited to your needs.


Sandra has a background in child development and studied Law. She has an HNC in Legal Services and a Diploma in Law from Napier University. She was involved with the family court system for 9 years representing herself at sheriff court and court of session.

Sandra is committed to human rights and civil liberties. Sandra is involved in lived experience in community trauma and supports community individuals and groups.

Sandra came from a traumatic childhood and was caught up in social work care systems and the criminal justice system, as a teenager has a background in child development. Sandra has written her own biography about her life with brave honest and shocking accounts of the hardship and pain in life and how she overcame this in the face of adversity, Sandra gives service back to the community of lived experience to individual and community groups who have suffered trauma and chaotic lifestyle.

Mark Hamilton Remembrance Event

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to pay respects to Mark Hamilton who died on the 18/09/2020 in Kirkcaldy Police Station, Fife. I would like to note that Kirkcaldy Police Station was locked and not one PC or Member of staff came out to pay respects and instead locked the police station during a peaceful remembrance event. No public explanation has been given the only statement or any further investigation by PIRC.

Rest In Peace Mark we at Police Scotland Angels have not forgotten about you and will continue to raise awareness surrounding the suspicious death.

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Police Scotland Angels welcomes people's stories and experiences with the police and authorities of Scotland, both positive and negative. We encourage individuals to share their experiences, fostering open dialogue and promoting transparency in policing practices.

In addition, we recognize the importance of safeguarding the anonymity of whistleblowers who come forward with information in the public interest. We assure whistleblowers that their identities will be protected and that their disclosures will be handled with utmost discretion.

Please note the following:

  • No publication will be supported or disclosed that may prejudice ongoing legal proceedings. This means that we will not share information that could potentially compromise the outcome of an ongoing court case.

  • Any actions undertaken will be with the parties' full consent. We will not disclose information without the explicit permission of the individuals involved.

  • Disclosure of information will only take place if it is in the public's interest. We will carefully consider the potential impact of any disclosure and will only share information if we believe it is in the best interests of the public.

We encourage open communication and transparency, but we also recognize the importance of protecting the integrity of legal proceedings and the privacy of individuals. We will handle all disclosures with sensitivity and discretion.

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